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Welcome to the GRL Research website. Members of our library website have the following benefits, instantly available:

Access to 835,000 research resources in more than 150 countries. 

Here is what we do for researchers:

(1) We search globally to locate the best genealogical and historical resources for you, such as eBooks and databases. These resources are in all languages. With one single paid membership, you can then carry out your research by looking through well-organized listings of ebooks and databases freely without charge. Worldwide.

In other words, we've already carried out millions of searches for you. We take all those results and organize them logically. No longer do you have to search the internet. No longer do have to store or memorize which websites you prefer. As a member they are always in front of you. No more wasting of time searching the internet - instead, its; all at your fingertips.

You'll find the resources you need are organized logically in our unique "switchboard database". Decide what resources you want, and a click of your mouse takes you there.

(2) We rate each resource on a 5-star system -  5 stars being the most valuable resource, 1 star being the least useful but still necessary to include for those few instances when it may be valuable for your specific need.

(3) We categorize each resource alphabetically by geographical location. For example, major countries for research are divided up into States, Provinces, Shires, Districts and/or Counties. Instantly pinpoint where you wish to search using our simple and logical arrangement.

(4) We group resources into categories, such as births, marriages, deaths, wills, probate records, directories, census records, cemetery lists, local histories, and so on. You will quickly discover that this not only saves a lot of time, it also avoids research frustration.

We even list dictionaries so that you can easily translate back and forth between another language and your own. Hundreds of dictionaries, with words used in different time periods of history. This is where present-day dictionaries often fail.

By arranging databases, eBooks and other resources in this way, it is now possible to search much easier and faster than ever before possible. Everything is arranged logically.

(5) We give credit where credit is due. For example, some websites act as if they have "everything" which simply isn't true. There are thousands of websites, and honestly: each one of them is a piece of the puzzle. We don't own them, and no, they don't pay us to recommend them. Instead, we're happy to include them in our listing of resources.

We list resources, and summarize what they have. As a member you see thousands of databases listed, thousands of useful ebooks listed, and thousands of antique maps (free to download). And one more thing: we list thousands of newly discovered resources every month. Our website database is always growing and getting better.

With our 835,000 listings of genealogical and historical research resources, along with instant access, you have one of the world's greatest resources at your fingertips. One click on any eBook title or descripion and you are on the title page. One click on any database description and you are ready in seconds to type in a name.

Add all these factors together, and you'll see why there has never been a better time to join our library. Just click above, on "JOIN US HERE" or "BECOME A MEMBER".

And as always, we wish you Happy Hunting !






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Over 16,500 Family Histories now included

People have been creating Family History books for hundreds of years. Many of these books have been converted into eBooks so you can read them online.  One click and you are reading about that family and taking advantage of the research work someone else may have done a century or more ago! And you can verify their work far easier than ever before.

Searching for an old friend?

Find friends you knew from long ago...we not only have searches listed for finding people in the past, but also for finding people in this present day.

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