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Welcome to the GRL Research website. We are now part of the Global Research Library - please go to and you will receive a FREE research account good until December 31, 2016. No payment info is necessary.

Our new website features over 50 million eResources including hundreds of databases and thousands of Subjects besides Genealogy.


Here is what to expect on the new website during this free trial period:

(1) Almost all of the eResources are free to download

(2) All popular languages

(3) Experience a New Way of Searching with our search engine. In other words, we've already carried out millions of searches for you. We take all those results and organize them logically. No longer do you have to search the internet. No longer do have to store or memorize which websites you prefer. As a member they are always in front of you. No more wasting of time searching the internet - instead, it's all at your fingertips. Decide what resources you want, and a click of your mouse takes you there.

(4) We group resources into categories, such as births, marriages, deaths, wills, probate records, directories, census records, cemetery lists, local histories, and so on. You will quickly discover that this not only saves a lot of time, it also avoids research frustration.

(5) We give credit where credit is due. For example, some websites act as if they have "everything" which simply isn't true. There are thousands of websites, and honestly: each one of them is a piece of the puzzle. We don't own them, and no, they don't pay us to recommend them. Instead, we're happy to include them in our listing of resources.

(6) We also RE-INDEX topics, tags, subjects, and sub-categories, making your searches far more accurate than ever before.

And as always, we wish you Happy Hunting !

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